Graves Park / Bunting Nook Ghost Walk

Join us for another evening of ghost stories as we walk along Bunting Nook - one of England’s most haunted roads. Plus tales of Queen Mary!

About this event

The Graves Park Ghost Walk is back! Given how amazingly these are being received, and given the demand, I can now happily confirm the following dates:

7:30pm Friday 26th August 2022

8pm Friday 23rd September 2022

8pm Friday 21st October 2022

4pm Sunday 30th October 2022 - Family Friendly Halloween Special

8pm Sunday 30th October 2022 - Extra Spooky Halloween Special

8pm Friday 19th November 2022

As well as the usual stories, on these walks we’re going to be hearing about one of the cities most famous ghosts: Queen Mary, to help celebrate the Platinum Jubilee year in a suitably spooky manner. There have been countless sightings of her throughout the years as well as a few other surpassing royal themed local ghost stories.

The walks last around 90 minutes, and cover a little over a mile in terms of distance. With the August walks timed around sunset you will need your torches for this one! This is also the last walk of the year where you're likely to be able to see the Parakeets come in to roost.

There’s going to be plenty of spooky stories and we really could not ask for a more fitting location as we’re going to head along the infamous Bunting Nook, widely considered to be one of England’s most haunted roads, as well as through parts of Graves Park and the stunning 18th century buildings around Norton. The meeting point will be emailed to you when you order your tickets. If you don’t get it sent out please either send me or my page Strange Britain a screen shot of your booking and I’ll let you know.

Adult advance tickets are £7.50, with no hidden booking, fee so that’s all you pay.

Tickets for under 14s are £5 in advance and are available as addons at checkout.

Fancy joining us on the night? That's okay too. I'm now able to accept contactless payments. However on the night prices are £10 for adults and £6 for children. We meet by the public footpath along the side of St James Church at Norton.

For the best value you're always better booking in advance.

Please bring a torch, once that sun sets darkness falls quickly, and also make sure you’re dressed suitably for whatever weather we might get.