Welcome to Strange Britain!
The home of the Strange Britain Books and the Strange Sheffield Ghost Walks. 

Halloween Special Ghost Walks

Why not join Strange Britain on one of their Strange Sheffield Ghost Walks for a bumper Halloween Special full of ghost stories, local legends, and other strange tales and experience the stranger side of the city? 

As it’s Halloween season these walks are going to be a mix of new stories, including a look at some of Sheffield's macabre past, as well as everyone’s favourites. All this means that these bumper walks will run closer to 2 hours in length.

The Strange Sheffield Ghost Walks

Adrian regularly runs two Sheffield based Ghost Walks.

The Strange Sheffield walk covers the heart of the city where as The Graves Park Ghost Walk actually leads the brave along one of the most haunted roads in the whole of England:

The infamous Bunting Nook!

Both walks are fantastic fun, have fully wheelchair accessible routes, and offer a great night of entertainment and local history.

You'd best be quick though as they're always a sell out!

The Strange Britain Books

We live in a strange country,

With millennia of history there are countless ghost stories and more recent strange craft have been seen in the skies overhead.

The Strange... Books are all compilations of a local areas more unusual goings on.

Each one is stand alone dedicated to the area on the cover.

Strange Sheffield covers Sheffield and the surrounding area where as Strange Manchester covers stories from across the whole of Greater Manchester. Strange Nottingham covers my home city of Nottingham

Coming soon is Britain's Haunted Roads which, in a break from tradition, features tales of haunted roads from across Great Britain.